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What are Bichat balls

bolas de bichat

Bichat balls are clusters of fatty tissue located in the cheek area. Its aesthetic effect is to give the face a round, somewhat childlike appearance, even though its wearers maintain a correct weight and are not overweight. This implies a certain external perception of facial undefinedness that the vast majority of patients who decide to have surgery wish to eliminate.

The operation to remove Bichat balls is therefore entirely aesthetic and voluntary, as they have no harmful effect on health and have no effect on anything other than the visual aspect. This is why this type of operation is normally associated with rhinoplasty or mentoplasty, given that the result, in the end, is an aesthetic operation.

The result of the procedure is a slimmer face, in accordance with aesthetic standards associated with youth, and slimmer cheekbones and cheeks.

What is achieved by removing Bichat’s balls

As we have said, this is an aesthetic intervention that achieves a quite appreciable facial angulation. In fact, it enhances the cheekbones and defines the jawline.

The intervention is simple and brief, just 45 minutes. It is performed under local anaesthesia through an intraoral incision that removes the balls in a very simple way. What is removed is the fat that accumulates in the cheek, which, depending on the case, is more or less conspicuous. This fat has no organic function, so its elimination does not produce the slightest functional change or impact on health.

Once the fat has been removed from the cheek, recovery is very quick. In just 24 hours you can lead a normal life and the stitches fall out on their own within 10 to 15 days. The amount usually extracted varies from person to person, but as a general rule, it is between 4 and 8 grams. Once removed, it is impossible for the fat to regenerate or cause problems in the facial skin tissues, excess skin or sagging of the tissues. It is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available.

This operation is therefore one of the most common aesthetic operations for young patients who wish to stylise their cheekbones, cheeks and facial contours. It is less common in older people who have lost facial tissues. In addition, the removal of bichat balls is non-invasive, heals very easily and offers very noticeable results.

When to undergo bichectomy

It is recommended for slim people of either sex who maintain a rounded appearance rounded appearance of the face typical of childhood that gives them an undefined appearance. undefined. Bichectomy, as the operation to remove the Bichat’s balls is known, gives a slimmer and slimmer facial appearance.

The most common users of this type of non-invasive procedure are those who, for taste and aesthetics, wish to stylise their face, accentuating the cheekbones and hollowing the cheeks a little.

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