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Cosmetic Surgeon Alicante

Vaginal surgery in Alicante

Vaginal Rejuvenation

During development or in adulthood, asymmetries or an exaggerated enlargement or growth of the labia may appear, causing discomfort when rubbing underwear, during sports or sexual activity.

In addition to this discomfort, there is also an aesthetic problem. For all these reasons, vaginal labiaplasty is an operation that aims to improve intimate relations and provide more symmetrical and symmetrical vaginal lips.

In Spain, according to ISAPS data, more than 2,000 women undergo labiaplasty every year.

What is a vaginal labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that consists of reducing the size of the labia vulvae in women in order to restore harmony to this intimate area.

The most important thing in a labiaplasty procedure is to achieve a natural result in accordance with what each patient is looking for. Depending on the situation and initial state of the labia, we will recommend one intimate labiaplasty technique or another.

What does this intimate vaginal surgery consist of?

It is a very simple operation with almost no complications. The professional will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to perform the labiaplasty. As this is an outpatient operation, the patient will receive local anaesthesia with sedation and after the operation can go home without the need for hospitalisation.

Depending on the patient, there are two techniques for the operation:

Here is a summary of the most important facts about this procedure:

Why undergo this intimate surgery?

Regardless of age, many women dare to take the plunge and have labiaplasty. Their daily life can be interfered by pain and irritation when walking when they have an excessive size of their vaginal lips. This can cause self-esteem problems and make sexual intercourse difficult.

Also, many patients have a loss of feeling in the clitoris after pregnancy, so this surgery would help to improve it.

However, there are patients who undergo intimate labiaplasty to rejuvenate the area for aesthetic reasons, without presenting any physical problem.

The aim of vaginal surgery is to improve the visual aesthetics of the labia according to the expectations and desires of each woman, to help them feel comfortable with their body.

Types of labiaplasty operations

No two patients are alike, and no two women are identical. When it comes to differentiating this type of surgery, professionals talk about there being three types. Each one has an assigned woman's profile, as each case has different characteristics that make it different from the rest. Currently, we find:

Reduction labiaplasty

Many women go to the operating theatre to reduce the excess genital tissue they have. Many face daily problems such as aesthetic problems when it comes to wearing certain garments or physical problems, with pain and irritation in the area. For this reason, there are two types of labia reduction surgery:

Labia majora

This type of operation is for patients who have a low tone or a labia majora that has become loose over time. It is also for women who have an oversized labia majora. This operation consists of removing the excess fat that causes the size to increase.

Labia minora

This is the most common vaginal surgery. It consists of reducing the size of the labia minora that protrude. In addition, the atrophy that some patients have is also usually corrected. The protruding tissue is trimmed and reshaped to achieve perfect asymmetry.

Augmentation labiaplasty

In addition to the types of female intimate surgery mentioned above, many women also undergo operations to augment their labia. This procedure is performed using injectables such as hyaluronic acid or the client's own fat. Many women also have small labia. Therefore, with this intimate labiaplasty they will be able to increase the size and volume. 

What is the postoperative period after a labiaplasty procedure?

Recovery is simple compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

In most cases, our patients do not need to be admitted to hospital. Thus, a few hours after the procedure, you will be able to return home and resume your daily routine. However, it is important to bear in mind some aspects for a correct postoperative period after a labiaplasty:

We advise you to rest for 48 hours. You can lead a normal life, but it is not advisable to make excessive efforts for two days. Good daily hygiene should be maintained in the area and cold should be applied in the hours following the operation.

During the first week, it is advisable to wear loose-fitting, comfortable underwear. As for sexual relations, the recommended waiting time is one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks when facing a labiaplasty operation?

As with any surgery and intervention, there may be some minor risks. These can be seromas or an accumulation of liquids under the dermis.

The labia of women who have undergone vaginal surgery may have temporary alterations of sensitivity in the area, but this generally corrects itself and is not a serious problem.

In very sporadic cases, some patients have had bruising in the area or a reaction to the anaesthesia.

Do labiaplasty procedures require anaesthesia?

Vaginal surgery usually lasts between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the type of intervention. As it is an outpatient surgery, the patient will be given local anaesthesia with sedation.

Does the operation leave any scars?

Vaginal surgery leaves no visible marks in the area. This is mainly due to the mucosal tissue of the labia minora. Therefore, the mark that the wound may have left will eventually disappear over time, leaving no trace of the operation.

How long does it take to be able to have sexual relations again after labiaplasty?

The recovery period is usually one month, so during this time it is not advisable to engage in any type of sexual intercourse, or acts that involve manipulation of the operated area. 

Is hospitalisation necessary?

In most cases, only outpatient surgery is required. Therefore, hospitalisation is not necessary after the operation. After a few hours, women can return home and resume their normal life.

How much does a labiaplasty cost?

It depends on the operation you undergo, although it is not one of the most expensive cosmetic surgery operations.  For this reason, we offer you one of the best ways of financing labiaplasty in Alicante:

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