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The most common doubts about cosmetic surgery

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Gradually more and more people are undergoing plastic surgery to alter their appearance. However, the proliferation of new surgical options and the exuberance of information from dubious sources often leads to serious doubts among those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Breast implant encapsulation, the dangers of having surgery at an older age, the risks of liposculpture and the latest surgical fashions are certainly the most frequently asked questions:

Is local anaesthesia the safest?

The anaesthetic hazard in a modern operating theatre with the presence of an anaesthesiologist is very low. The dangers do not depend on the technique but rather on the patient’s previous state of health, which is why a thorough and strict preoperative study is necessary. General anaesthesia is the safest way to have the operation because it is the only way in which the patient is calm and fully controlled.

Is cosmetic surgery always and in all circumstances appreciated?

False. A surgery is well performed when it is not visible. There must be a change for the better, but it must not be possible to see what exactly this improvement consists of. Breast prostheses with a suitable volume for our anatomical constitution will never be appreciated.

Do breast prostheses lift sagging breasts?

Prostheses only increase the volume of the breast and can accentuate sagging. To lift the breast, the excess skin must be reduced through a mastopexy, which performs the breast augmentation.

Can scars be erased?

This is not true, since cosmetic surgery always and in all circumstances leaves a scar, but it is concealed in the best possible way, for example in creases or natural folds of the skin. Remember that the ultimate quality of the scar will depend on the individual patient and not on the surgeon. Scars cannot be erased by any technique, including laser.

Does liposculpture help weight loss?

Liposculpture is not a treatment for obesity but rather a technique aimed at correcting fat deposits in certain parts of the body that are resistant to slimming regimes and that disfigure the anatomical contour, for example, love handles or love handles. Overt obesity is a contraindication for this technique.

Can wrinkles be corrected with surgery?

False. A facelift or blepharoplasty can reposition tissues that have sagged over time or remove certain bags, but they cannot remove crow’s feet, for example, which require auxiliary techniques such as botox, peelings or autologous fat fillers.

Can I sunbathe after surgery?

Sunbathing is not allowed during the period we have bruises on our skin, as the sun can interfere with the resorption of exactly the same bruises and leave a residual dark colouring.

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