teresa bernabeu

Polydioxanone yarns


The threads we use in our facial treatments are the new V LIFT PRO threads.

They are a facial rejuvenation technique to treat flaccidity in a simple way.

Thin resorbable suture threads (polydioxanone) carried by very fine needles are used.

These threads stimulate the formation of fibroblasts and the patient’s own collagen, inducing a resurfacing or self-lifting process.

The thread is reabsorbed after 6 months but as the fibrosis persists the effect is maintained for about 12 months depending on the type of skin, age, degree of sagging and individual response of each patient.

It is an alternative to prevent, repair and improve gravitational sagging and delay a surgical facelift for some time.

It is not a substitute for a surgical facelift.

It can be applied on face and body.