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Opinions about Teresa Bernabeu

What our patients say

(Rebeca, En Femenino)

“Personally, I had an augmentation mammoplasty and a facelift. It changed my life. She left me looking great, and I also recommended her to other friends of mine who, following my advice, underwent surgery with her on different parts, and the results were very good”.

(Petra, En Femenino)

“I had a rhinoplasty operation with the doctor in 2009.. The treatment I received, both from her and her team, was excellent. She always attended to me: check-ups, treatments… always her. And, when I couldn’t, they let me know in advance and changed my appointment. I was delighted with the results, I am very happy. She told me that, if I had to have a touch-up, she would not charge me, it would only be the rent of the operating room.It’s perfect!”

(Norma, What Clinic)

“He performed liposuction on me and I can’t thank him enough. Teresa Bernabeu, you were a very kind and pleasant plastic surgeon. Your postoperative service and the whole treatment was of high quality. All I had to do if I had a problem was to call you, but with the good treatment I received, it was never necessary. So thank you, from me and my husband.”

(Flora, En Femenino)

“Dr. Teresa Bernabeu Abad operates in Hospital Medimar in Alicante and she is a very good surgeon, I recommend her to you!”

(Perla, En Femenino)

“I had surgery with Teresa Bernabeu at the Medimar Clinic, and the truth is that it was very good. The surgical team of the doctor is great and they are excellent professionals… As for the Doctor, she is a woman who is very clear about things: with the breast I have, I went to another doctor who wanted to put prostheses and charge me almost 7000€; however, when I went to see Teresa I felt very confident talking to her, and she told me that I would have a beautiful breast without the need for prostheses…”.

(Marina, Todo Estética)

“The service was very friendly. The doctor is very professional and approachable“.

(Camila, En Femenino)

“In my case, Dr. Teresa Bernabeu Abad performed liposuction on my inner and outer thighs just one year ago today, and I couldn’t be happier: excellent service, her professionalism was always evident in the consultations… In my experience, Teresa Bernabeu Abad is an excellent professional. I chose to trust her and I couldn’t be happier. A friend recommended her to me and it was from her website that I got in touch with her”.

(Paula, En Femenino)

“I had surgery with Dr. Teresa Bernabeu Abad and she left me with beautiful breasts. It was on the lower part of the chest and I have almost no scar, just a whiter line. The prosthesis was placed underneath the muscle, and it is better tucked in. Last year I had a small lump removed from my breast, nothing serious, and during the tests I was complimented on the condition and quality of the doctor’s work”.

(Alex Vega, Facebook)

“Very happy with my operation. I recommend Dr. Teresa Bernabeu. Very professional from the first visit. “

(Eva, En Femenino)

“The prostheses were anatomical, which look more natural and don’t cause a “ball” effect. Everyone has told me that they are perfect, that they don’t look like they were operated on, or that they got the size right…. I am very happy, and I know other people who have had breast surgery with her and they are also great. They know what they are doing: they considered the width of my back, my height… They are very professional. A fortnight ago I had a rhinoplasty with the same Doctor!”

(Jennifer, En Femenino)

“Dr. Bernabeu is a very good plastic surgeon, and has been in practice for many, many years. I had the operation last year, and I am very happy with the results of the surgery. I recommended it to a friend and she was also very happy with it”.

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