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Cosmetic Surgeon Alicante

Lipoimplante or lipofiling

The lipoimplante or fatty tissue graft is the surgical technique, which is intended to use the patient's own fat as filler facial or body structures.

This requires performing liposuction techniques, extracting the fat from the donor area and after a minimum preparation process, injecting it into the desired area to its increase or filling. This will achieve two goals, remove fat from a particular area and move where needed.

Like any human tissue graft is necessary that this garment for lasting results. The lack of engraftment lead to its disappearance within a few weeks and therefore the absence of satisfactory results.

The correct procedure, the arrest is usually around 70%, generating a stable living tissue and is also susceptible to weight changes.

Any lipoimplante therefore be performed in patients able to maintain a relatively stable weight.

It is possible to achieve the desired volume requires several sessions.


The patients own fat can be used as permanent facial fillers, lip augmentation or cheek and facial restructuring.

Moderate breast augmentation or buttock augmentation and filling vulvar labia being one of the most common applications, with very good results.

The main limitation of this type of technique is that the patient must have fat deposits in sufficient quantity and quality to serve as donor sites.

Limited amounts of fat will produce limited gains.

The lipoimplantes can usually performed under local anesthesia or local with sedation or, rather, general anesthesia (sedation is administered by vein and produces a "dream" equivalent to the night, general anesthesia involves placing a tube in the airway), allowing the return to the home after spending a few hours or day hospital stay logged only overnight.


High blood pressure and uncontrolled, uncontrolled diabetes, heart problems, lung, kidney and liver disease are important contraindications. And also the need for anticoagulant medication.

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