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Cosmetic Surgeon Alicante

Facelifting in Alicante

Facial surgery intervention or facelift

With the passage of time and age, the appearance of flaccidity and wrinkles in the skin and tissues is inevitable. Sometimes, excessive sun exposure or weight loss accelerate the process of skin wrinkling or sagging, especially on the face and neck.

The facial lifting or facelift helps to reposition the tissues of the face and neck, with highly satisfactory results.

Specifically, the facelift is a facial surgery intervention that acts on the deepest structures of the facial tissue and also the neck, eliminating the fat accumulated in these areas (face and neck). The facelift can be performed together with other facial aesthetic treatments or interventions such as blepharoplasty.

The flaccidity of the skin and the sagging of the tissues give a tired and grumpy appearance that does not correspond to the mood, even generating the appearance of being older than you really are. The facelift repositions the facial tissues in place, naturally tightening the skin, and offering positive results by restoring a more youthful and relaxed appearance to the face.

The facelift is especially recommended for removing wrinkles around the mouth and nose, around the eyes (crow's feet), between the eyebrows or on the neck. 

Before and after facelifting

Before and after facelifting
Before and after facelifting
Before and after facelifting

Highlights of facelift surgery 

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