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Cosmetic Surgeon Alicante

Breast lift in Alicante

Mastopexy: cosmetic surgery for breast lift in Alicante

Breast lift is a cosmetic surgery intervention that consists of lifting the breasts, eliminating the flaccidity of the breasts and offering a more profiled and robust appearance.

A surgical procedure whose objective is the physical and aesthetic improvement of the woman and which results in breasts with a youthful and turgid appearance.

Some of the most common reasons for deciding to undergo an operation of these characteristics are:

This operation reshapes the breast with or without the aid of breast prostheses, depending on the amount of breast tissue and the preferences of the patient.

Breast lift is one of the most common and most requested cosmetic surgery operations because its results have a very positive impact on patients.

Relevant data of the operation

Dr. Teresa Bernabeu is a specialist in breast lift in Alicante.

What is the procedure of a breast lift operation like?

The operation consists of lifting the breasts, eliminating the excess skin and remodelling all the breast tissue until the breast is lifted. The operation may also include the reshaping of the nipples or areolas if the patient requests it.

Benefits of mastopexy

Frequently asked questions

How long does the operation take?

No more than 3 hours.

Do I need an implant to have a breast lift?

No. This will depend on whether or not the patient's chest has enough fullness to be able to reshape it without the use of a prosthesis. On the other hand, only through a prosthesis will it be possible to achieve greater breast volume, so, once the area has been assessed and depending on what the patient really wants, an implant can be applied so that, in addition to the lift, the breasts achieve a more bulky and vigorous shape and presence.

How long does it take to recover from the operation?

Between one and two weeks.

How do mastopexy scars heal?

With healing creams and rosehip oil.

When are the stitches removed?

In about three weeks.

What do I have to do before the operation?

If you smoke, stop smoking approximately one month beforehand. The week before the operation it will also be necessary to eliminate foods with a high vitamin E content and the intake of aspirin. It is also a good idea for the patient to start washing the area with antiseptic soap a few days beforehand and to fast on the day of the operation at least 8 hours beforehand.

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