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Body implants for men in Alicante

Pectorals and Biceps

In addition to breast prostheses in women, there are other locations on the body that can be improved by placing silicone implants.

The aim is to harmonise, enhance and define the different muscle areas.
The most commonly used are pectoral implants, biceps, triceps and calf implants.

This type of surgery, which is more common in men, is performed under general anaesthesia, requires a one-night stay in hospital, and then it is recommended that no weight training be performed for at least 5 weeks.

They are indicated for those people who wish to obtain a more toned appearance of the different muscular areas and who have not been able to achieve this through training or due to some kind of injury. Also in men who have suffered from gynaecomastia .

It is very common to combine pectoral implants with biceps and/or triceps implants to biceps and/or triceps implants for more definition of the upper tract.